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Childs LH (Wanted)

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StrumitStrumit Frets: 46
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My 5 year old grandson is showing interest but as mine is a classic RH, it's not for him!!!  A fixer upper project would be ideal as he can "help" to prepare it and then learn to play.  That's how I did it, with an old banjo!!! Anything cheap considered as it will probably get used and abused!!
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  • munckeemunckee Frets: 12450
    Teach him right handed, save him from a lifetime of not being able to find guitars!
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  • RolandRoland Frets: 8788
    We have had left/right hand discussions over the years. My take from them is that some left handers find it very difficult to play right handed. Others say “don’t right handed players find it hard using their left hand to do most of the work?”. Try him out, and see what works.

    At that age I’d start him on a baritone ukulele in low G tuning. That’s equivalent to the top four strings of a guitar capo’ed at the 5th fret. Anything he learns is translatable to the guitar when he gets bigger. It’s also possible to reverse the strings and play left handed if needs be.
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  • Chris.BChris.B Frets: 291
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    As a lefty, I would agree that if he can mange, get him to learn on a right handed guitar.  

    Whilst there are more lefty guitars these days, visiting a guitar shop, or show is a very frustrating experience - seeing all those lovely shiny guitars hanging on the wall, then realising that the dusty one in the corner is for the lefty.

    I can't prove it, but I think I would be an equally bad guitar player if I had started with a right handed guitar. The only potential  downside is that if I had started with a right handed instrument would I be blaming my slow progress on choosing the wrong handed guitar.

    Whichever way it goes - good luck to your grandson. 
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