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I'm an English guy living in Miami, Florida. Over here we have a chain of stores called Guitar Center dotted all over the country. It's an excellent way to try buy and try out used gear because if you don't like something you've bought, you have a month to return it to your local GC and all you have to pay is the original shipping, which is usually only about 18 British pounds.

Anyway, a recent acquisition using this system has been the Godin listed in the title. For those that don't know, this is a guitar loosely modeled on a Gretsch single cutaway hollow body. It has two TV Jones pickups and a short scale 14 frets-to-the-body neck, which has a Richlite fretboard.

I'm essentially an acoustic fingerpicker who dabbles in that Chet Atkins style of picking. I've tried many instruments in this style to play through my three amps: a Laney Cub 12, a Fender Princeton '65, and a Roland JC-40. There's always been something that wasn't quite right, though, and they, the guitars, have all been sold or returned. This one may be the one, however. After I'd raised the action at the saddle, I was able to play it to good effect with a thumbpick and fingerpicks, strings 11-49s. Sounds great through all three amps and is very comfortable to play. 
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