What to do? Real amp or modeler?

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  • CHRISB50CHRISB50 Frets: 4336
    strtdv said:
    Do you already have an amp, and would you intend to keep it after getting a modeller?

    I picked up my first modeller this week after 20 years of amps, a Helix LT. 
    I'm seriously impressed. It doesn't have the same in the room feeling as a real amp because you don't have the same power hitting you in the chest (I bought the Helix specifically to use with headphones at home as I've a 4 year old with an early bedtime), but the pick attack and volume responsiveness are really impressive.
    Compared to the old Pods etc there is hardly a trace of digital-ness once you get the global EQ right, and the sheer versatility of the unit is incredible.
    It also does a very good impression of a lot of my pedals, to the point where my pedalboard is effectively redundant
    Just an HT1-R for home use. 

    I will run the modeller through monitors at home. Will get an FRFR for playing out.

    I'm pretty skint at the moment as my Mrs and kids want a holiday this summer, but once the funds are available I'll be straight on the case.

    I'm very excited about the thought of finally getting my hands on one. As you can tell from this thread, it's been a drawn out process. 

    Most people seem, like you, to be very happy with them. I'm pretty sure I will be too. 

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    edited March 27
    Standard Fractal FM3 user here.    The 3 footswitches are surprisingly versatile!  Not felt the need for the additional foot controller yet.

    For example I'm able to switch in/out a compressor, two drives pedals, an eq for a 4db solo boost, delay, reverb, tremolo and the tuner with three buttons.   I setup the 3rd  button so that when it's held down it scrolls to the next page of button options.  The first set of buttons options are ones that I switch mid song, scrolling to the second page gives acess to the options that don't need switching mid song.  When you flick the next page of  buttons all the button names update to tell you what's available.

    It sounds brilliant as well. 

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