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FS - Carol Ann Trip - R 3 Channel Head (35W) With Solo Boost 240V

Need a bit of a clear out, so putting one of my Carol Ann's up for sale

I am the original owner of this beauty, bought from Peach Guitars when it hit these shores. It is in nearly new condition, and rarely left the studio. A few very slight tolex marks if you look closely, and comes with original AC4 Footswitch, lead and power chord. A custom Roqsolid padded cover will be included, and ships in a Carol Ann box

This amp offers up
 great clean to classic / modern rock drive tones. Channel Masters tame output to sound great at studio volumes, with EFX level acting as a second overall output master. EQ pots work well, capable of producing a wide range of tones and response. Input Gain settings in conjunction with the Classic / Modern switches alter character from a purring cat to fire breathing beast, with as much gain on tap as most guitarists would normally require. And it's quiet, without annoying hiss or hum at studio volume. Capable of cleans with character, blues to classic rock, then harder edged modern chugg in one foot switchable box

Full spec and description from Carol Ann, with pics found here:

PM me with questions, or more pics

Delivered UK for FB price of £1999
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