SCAMMER WARNING: Due to a spate of recent scam attempts (some successful) recently, if you're doing a deal in the classifieds, ONLY USE PAYPAL GOODS AND SERVICES UNLESS YOU KNOW THAT INDIVIDUAL PERSONALLY. It's really not worth saving a few quid.

FS Laney LA30BL Supergroup

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Reluctant sale of an amp head built to a design conceived in 1968 (essentially a lower powered version of the 100W Supergroup used by Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi). It's very loud and offers dynamic tones from sparkling cleans to classic rock overdrive (throw in a boost or overdrive/distortion pedal and you can easily get into metal territory too).

Bought last year, barely used as I have way too many amps so I've decided to cut down to just two heads. As new condition. Original box included. I'd like £630 for it which is more or less what another sold for on here 

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