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Songwriter looking for band

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Hi, I'm an amateur songwriter/lyricist in the Bradford area of Yorkshire. I can sing ok but I don't play an instrument, I write it all in my head. 

I feel I have to describe myself as an amateur as I don't have any formal musical training. Obviously it's difficult to be completely objective about your own songs, but I feel I have some very strong ideas and I'm looking for a band or a musician to work with to get my song ideas out of my head and into people's ears. I have to say though that I have no previous performing experience, but I've come to realise that getting on with it and doing my songs myself is the only way I'm ever going to do them (if you know what I mean).

It's an array of genres from pop, pop-rock,  to rock, indie rock, alt/prog-rock, some electro, I even have a couple of disco songs rolling around 'up there'. I don't tend to go metal though, and although a few songs do go heavier, it is definitely more rock or prog rock rather than metal.

I'm very strong with lyrics and melody and have some limited experience putting lyrics to other people's music. I'm 49, down to earth, no ego.

It's obviously dreamland, but walking into an established, experienced band who want to do originals would be amazing! Failing that- guitar, keys, local to me, and go from there.

I don't have any links or anything as it's all in my head. I feel I'm a face to face collaborator.

Also and any advice from anyone greatly received.


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  • Maybe putting some of your lyrics up might tempt someone if you have nothing recorded.
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  • I'd start with getting one good musician who is creative and who you get on with, and collaborating with them to develop a couple or a few songs. Maybe a guitarist, but could be a keys player or a bassist. Work on a few songs together, do a rough demo somehow, and if you feel like there's something there then build on it.

    Maybe go to a few local gigs or open mics just to watch, you never know you might meet a musician who has loads of riffs but no lyrics. That would be my approach. Good luck with it. 
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    Hi Victor and Supportact- that's really good advice, thank you! Especially starting small with just one musician. 
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