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Vintage 1965 Watkins Custom 15 18W Combo. PRICE DROP £750

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jumping@shadowsjumping@shadows Frets: 1278
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Hi all, up for sale is my excellent condition 1965 Watkins Custom 15, all point to point wired 18W combo with tremolo.

The nitty gritty:

This is the famed ‘Clapton 18W Circuit’, directly lifted by Marshall for their own iconic combo, made so famous by EC in studio recordings. 

This is in perfect working condition, and extremely tidy inside and out, and even includes the extremely cute original foot switch!

At 18W with Alnico Elac speaker it’s plenty loud to gig right in the sweet spot with singing, saggy ‘60s EL84 break up, abs gives up iconic British rock & blues tones. 

Price is now £750 plus shipping, and I’m happy to ship expertly packed and tracked, and have shipped countless vintage items without incident.

Thanks for reading and please message with any questions and offers.

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  • You’ll need to pop a price on poppet 
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  • Another free amp!!
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  • Oops soz! £875 plus shipping. 
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  • kipplekipple Frets: 362
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    Just a heads up. The mains transformer on that amp has been replaced.

     Also there is a metal/aluminium plate directly under the mains transformer which does not belong there.
    It looks like the metal plate may have been put in there to support the replacement transformer to prevent it sliding down towards lower edge of the chassis or maybe to cover up the gap created by the different size replacement transformer.

    I cannot tell accurately from the pics but the metal plate does not look like it is secured by any means other than jamming it inbetween the transformer and the edge of the chassis.
    If that plate ever comes loose say from being shipped by someone in the future then it's a safety issue as the plate could then make contact with areas in the amp that are live.
    I put peoples heads in horse's beds

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