SCAMMER WARNING: Due to a spate of recent scam attempts (some successful) recently, if you're doing a deal in the classifieds, ONLY USE PAYPAL GOODS AND SERVICES UNLESS YOU KNOW THAT INDIVIDUAL PERSONALLY. It's really not worth saving a few quid.

Recent Scams

In case you’re not already aware, several Classified users have been scammed in the last few days. We know how this particular theft was done, and have taken steps to prevent it happening again. We are not going to help this and future scammers by giving details. 

There are many ways in which your money and equipment can be stolen. New methods are being created every day. 

For now, my advice to everybody would be:

1 - Change your password to something that you've never used before. Password managers are good for that, and I believe most browsers have a reasonably good password generator built in.

2 - Check out the profile of anyone you're dealing with - if their posting behaviour's changed recently, or they haven't posted in a long time only to come back with sales only at crazy-good prices, move on or ask us to check them out.

3 - Always, always, always use PayPal buyer protection unless you've dealt with them successfully before, and they're using the same PayPal details.

4 - If somebody says they're using a family member's PayPal account, or they're suddenly wanting payment in a different currency...ditch the deal. It's a scam.

5 - If anything seems suspicious, or you feel even slightly squicky about it...move on.
Also be wary of:
  • My friend has exactly what you’re looking for. His email is …
  • I’ll be able to respond quicker if we discuss this by email …
  • I’ll send my brother/friend to collect
  • … and the list goes on

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