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38 yr old Guitarist/Drummer Available; Chester/North West

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Looking to join (or maybe form) a band in the North West. Fairly strict requirements due to previous irritating experiences:
  • Ideally playing guitar - but would entertain an interesting drum position
  • I don't want to organise anyone, ever again Just tell me where to be and what song we're playing, and I'll be there
  • No shitty pub gigs; it'd be nice to do maybe 2 gigs a month at a decent venue. Residency at Alexanders in Chester would be nice
  • I'd like to be challenged - playing with decent players. I can't read music but my ear is pretty good and my timing is excellent. Played with too many drummers who can't keep time!
Fairly flexible on genre; but I'd like to stay away from 4 on the floor blues or shuffles. I've played drums in latin and rhythm & blues bands before, and guitar in funk, soul, rock, blues and funk/rock outfits. I can sing too.

My influences vary from Snarky Puppy, through Vulfpeck to Mars Volta, Soundgarden, QOTSA. There isn't much I won't listen to; and I'd consider anything - but I think my preference would certainly be more towards funk rock or fusion.

Sorry if I sound like a bit of dick, but I've had my time wasted so many times either by poor players, people who can't/won't be organised, or both - so ideally I'd love to slot into a funk or soul band. Preferably as a guitarist with an excellent drummer and female vocal. But I'm not fussy....

I'm based just south of Chester, near Carden Park. Nearest rehearsal space to me is Roc2 Studios nr Wrexham. - this is the last originals band I was in; I'm playing guitar and singing here. It was 10 years ago!
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