The Broken Creels - New Single ' Killing on the Rail line'

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New song out from one of my bands.  If you have an  apple device then would mahoosively appreciate pre-ordering it.

The Broken Creels are set to release their new single – ‘Killing on the Rail Line’ on 04.02.2024; a chilling and evocative musical creation that references one of the USA’s most notorious serial killers, Ángel Maturino Reséndiz, also known as The Railroad Killer.
The song, which is the band’s second single – the first, Friend or Foe, having hit number 1 on UK iTunes in April 2023 –, explores the dark corridors of Reséndiz’s crimes, offering listeners a visceral experience through both lyrics and music.
The Broken Creels’ ability to transform the grim details of this story into a razor-sharp slice of Americana melodrama showcase their unique approach to storytelling through sound. The haunting vocals and cutting instrumentation create an immersive experience that invites listeners to confront the darkness within the human psyche.
Killing on the Rail Line is available NOW for pre-order on iTunes:


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