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FS: Tokai LS-75 AG All Gold P90 1981 RARE

HomerHomer Frets: 162

For sale this rare Tokai LS-75 All Gold (had issue to capture the gold colour, I'd say the first pic shows it closest to how it looks in real).

Nice weight - just below 3,9 kg/8.6 lbs.

Guitar is in overall great condition, finish is almost perfect, all issues are shown on photos.

It sounds powerfull, great sustain and feel. At the moment pickups are out of phase so you get a unique tone in the middle posistion.

Neck is on the thicker side, it's a bit warped, it's not dramatic (pics can't show it) and at the circa 1.3 mm action there is no buzz.

Tuners have been replaced as well as the truss rod cover. Pickguard is not original, should be treated as a bonus.

Comes with a brand new hardcase.

More pics:

Asking: £1550

Could trade for Ibanez JCRG-4, some nice PRS

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