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I currently use an Engl Ironball through a CaptorX.  For many pub gigs there is either no decent PA or anyone to do sound.  One band is Americana with 3 singers and multiple acoustic instruments so all efforts are in controlling sound / feedback for those - I need to be as self sufficient as possible.

With the CaptorX I send one XLR to PA or a powered speaker hitting the audience.  Then I use the second XLR to monitor facing me - I have 2 or 3 methods of controlling the volume of that monitor but most recently have used an XLR in/out volume pedal I built.  

I'm thinking of going to the Ironball SE with built in IRs.  It also has built in delay / noisegate so would help me reduce the size of my pedalboard.  It has a single XLR output for the IR feed.

I'm thinking what I'd do for the monitoring level.  I'd rather not introduce a mini mixer (I have a Behringer Xenyx 1202) as this perhaps defeats part of the object of the Ironball SE.

I think most monitors have a through XLR jack.  So could I go Ironball SE > Monitor XLR in > Monitor XLR thru > XLR volume pedal > FoH?

Any better solutions for controlling the level of the monitoring?  I have got an SRM 150 but that's a mini monitor that needs to be mic stand mounted or otherwise pointed at your head.....and then  you have to reach over to its controls to change volume mid performance...

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