tFB DIY Pedalboard and Neck Rest- Reservations (Batch #2)

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OK, since they turned out to be so popular at The Guitar Show, I'm going to make another batch of both the neck rests and the pedalboard kits. The prices have gone up a bit - the show pricing was just introductory to gauge interest - but I'm fairly sure it's still a decent deal:

Neck Rests

Members - £10
Subscribers - £5

DIY Pedalboard Kit

Members - £15
Subscribers - £10

Postage and packaging will be £4 on each, and payment will be via PayPal. At this point, it looks like it won't be practical to ship both in the same box (the joys of low-volume shipping), but if enough people order both then I'll see if there's a better way to handle it.

Please register your interest in this thread, and I'll add you to the list in the second post. I'll probably leave this open until March 16th, then I'll request payment and get started on printing - the lead time will depend on overall volume, but I'll make them in reservation order and send out in minimum batches of 5.
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