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Online musical collaboration

MartinBushMartinBush Frets: 258

I thought I would try this again having been less than successful with my less-than-serious posts on joinmyband and elsewhere.

I'm looking for someone to bounce ideas back and forth with - I have a few songs which I am working on that I feel need someone a bit more competent on bass (at the very least), drum programming and possibly production to help get them to where they should be.

I'm not aiming very high - I just want to get a few things finished off. At the moment I have what I call 'notes' - very rough (multitrack) recordings on Audacity of songs made primarily so I don't forget how they go.

Happy to share a recording or two with anyone interested. Feedback so far includes "I can't do anything with that", "the singing is out of tune", "song is OK" and, from one established recording artist, "the guitar is fine". 

My influences include R Stevie Moore, Mac Demarco and Mark Gormley. That probably counts Metal fans out unless you're Chris Needham (in which case I am happy to switch genres). What else to mention? I can definitely play guitar and I'm 46. 

If you are interested drop me a line on here.
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