SCAMMER WARNING: Due to a spate of recent scam attempts (some successful) recently, if you're doing a deal in the classifieds, ONLY USE PAYPAL GOODS AND SERVICES UNLESS YOU KNOW THAT INDIVIDUAL PERSONALLY. It's really not worth saving a few quid.

FS: Greco TVB-45

Hi guys, 

I bought this on a total whim. Its a gorgeous thing, nice Japanese build quality, 32" scale. However after playing it over the last week I've come to realise I prefer my full scale / full size basses so I'm going to move it on again. Yes, I'm a shameless bass tart. 

It really is quite small --- the body is pretty much the same as a Les Paul Junior (guitar) and from the top of the headstock to the bottom of the body its not much different in size to my acoustic guitar. 

"the internet" doesn't know very much about these---there's a thread on basschat from a few years ago where someone went "does anyone know anything about these?" and the answer was "no, but they look cool". Pretty sure they were Japanese domestic market only which would explain that.

Complete gallery of pictures here (being slightly cheeky and re-using some of the ones from the dealer).

The bass is 24 years old but is in good condition. Given the age there are a couple of dents in the finish, I think the worst one is the one on the lower horn, which I have tried to photograph.

Yours for £325 collected from Burntisland, Fife (or can meet at Haymarket in Edinburgh during the week). I can probably post it, I have the packing material that it came to me in---but you might need to wait a week or so for me to be able to post it. 

 TRADES wise --- I'm not desperate for trades but i'm currently interested in semi-hollow basses (like a Jack Casady) or Stingrays. Can potentially add cash for the right thing. 

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