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Lead guitarist required for new rock band - Bath

GazLionGazLion Frets: 104
Hello! I've been working on some new tracks this year and I'm looking to start a band. The music is rock, possibly Atmospheric Rock, at least according to a mate who's listened. 

I'm on lead vocals and guitar, a mate who I've worked with in the past on bass and BVs, and we've been speaking to a drummer who is ready to arrange the first jam. All have plenty of gigging experience. 

We all live around the Bath area which is likely where we'll be practicing, or possibly Bath side of Bristol.

Looking for keys player, but also a lead guitarist, so thought I'd pop a message here. More BVs the better, as we are looking for multi part harmonies. 

This is the last track I've done, and there are a couple more on the same channel. Basic programmed drums, but you get the gist - 

Give me a shout if you're interested. Thanks 
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