Beat it!

stufisherstufisher Frets: 867
I spotted this clip by accident and given that I've started to appreciate Slash a bit more as I've been trying to learn some G'nR stuff, I was excited at the prospect of this.

Sadly, IMHO I think it is pure turd!

There are two questions going through my head right now:

What's the best non-EVH live cover of Beat it?
Are original live versions always the best?

Answers on a postcard ....
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  • stickyfiddlestickyfiddle Frets: 27325
    I learned this for my lot a few months back, and did it without a trek. 

    The live version with Slash is hilariously bad, guitar wise, so def don’t use that as a reference.

    These guys do it brilliantly if you want the full EVH. Otherwise there are a couple of versions of the solo played without them that i used as reference. I ended up simplifying the second passage (bars 5-8 of the widely bits) but otherwise learned it pretty much more for note. It’s actually not that hard once you put a few hours of focussed time into it

    Here’s us back in Nov (please note singer had laryngitis!)
    The Assumptions - UAE party band for all your rock & soul desires
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