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FS: Tokai Breezysound 1984 (Japan)

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Selling this beauty because I can only get my knackered old hands around fat necks these days. Set up by the legend that is Bill Puplett it's a sweet instrument with 'that' 60s neck profile. Also please clock the 'veneer' fretboard - just like my real 64 tele had. It's pretty light too - weight is 7 lbs exactly. And..... it comes with age-appropriate guitar case which has a charm of its own, although admittedly wouldn't offer any protection in the diligent care of airport luggage handlers.
  Neck and body codes match up too - it's a proper 40 year-old with a few small dings , enough to call patina, but nothing on the back of the neck or fretboard to mess with your zone!
£575. Not looking for trades at the mo and would also love it to be collected from York if poss - although a meet-up is also entirely possible.

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