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It's long been suggested, so on a wet Saturday morning when I should be doing 101 other things, I thought I'd finally get around to setting this section up. 

It's intended to be a list of links to useful topics that have been raised and discussed elsewhere on the forum, but which we all struggle to find quickly when we need them - because they've fallen away to the depths of the forum and we can't be bothered to search for them. 

It also means that we don't have to "sticky" threads that might be useful - you'll be able to find it here instead. 

Rather than me reading through all the discussions ever started and deciding which ones should be accorded the honour of inclusion here, I'll open it for suggestions from everyone - hence the "Help Needed" title. Please suggest discussions under each of the categories here. I'm sure there will be some suggestions that won't be included ... and I'll be periodically deleting all the suggestions anyway, just to keep these discussion threads clean and concise. 

Over to you guys ...
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