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Gartone Bluesman 5e3 Tweed - Sold

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Quite simply the nicest amp I’ve ever played.

A need to clear out the spare bedroom brings this for sale.

Recently came to me in a trade deal and as lovely as it is, my needs lie in a different ballpark, already covered by my gigging setup.

Details lifted from Mark’s ad.

The amp was serviced by Martin 2 yrs ago, he replaced the Mercury transformer with a new Mercury and changed the speaker for a new Celestion Alnico cream for more headroom and warmth.
Mark put a new set of valves in late last year including a set of Golden lion Genalex 6v6gt.
This is one of Martins early builds  with the finest components and using the late Larry Rodgers Antique pine cabinets, I think it's one of ten.

Collection from Leyland, Lancs


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