SCAMMER WARNING: Due to a spate of recent scam attempts (some successful) recently, if you're doing a deal in the classifieds, ONLY USE PAYPAL GOODS AND SERVICES UNLESS YOU KNOW THAT INDIVIDUAL PERSONALLY. It's really not worth saving a few quid.


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Let's try to make this 100% clear.  

We have rules for use of the Classifieds.  You should read them *before* posting your first ad, and re-read them as often as necessary to be able to remember them so that you don't break them.

Regarding "Fakes" specifically, Rule 10 states;
  • Do not post items for sale that are not what they appear to be (fake, counterfeit, etc). 

We will not - we can not - allow the forum to be used for advertising items that are not what they appear to be.  If you're selling something and your photos show, or your description says, that its got a logo on it that shouldn't be on it (ie it was added retrospectively and not by the copyright holder), then it falls foul of the rule and is NOT allowed.

Disclaimers in the description do not offset the visual evidence.  It doesn't matter if you say that it's NOT a Fender (which is the most affected brand).  An inappropriate logo on the headstock still makes it appear to be something that it's not.

For the avoidance of doubt, if you've put a genuine Fender neck on a non-Fender body, our legal advice is that the guitar as a whole is still considered a fake and so we can't allow it to be advertised here as a complete guitar.  

For the further avoidance of doubt, I've referred to "Fender" only as an example because that's the brand that's most commonly affected. but it applies to all brands equally.

In future, ads that breach this rule and show or refer to logos that shouldn't be on the item/s being sold will just be removed.  Members who repeatedly breach this rule will lose their ability to use the Classifieds.
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