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There was a thread somewhere, but I obviously put it in the wrong place because it's not here!

We - your forum - will be at the Guitar Show again this year.  The stand will be ably manned by Mr @Bridgehouse, Mr @Digitalscream and Mr @me.

Our traditional special guest star - Mr @Clarky - will be there on Saturday, with his rig switched to its usual silent mode and tucked away unobtrusively in a corner.  Mr @Digitalcream may be bringing something of equal interest to amuse the passing masses too.

There will be a theFB special event on the live stage on Saturday afternoon, with Mr @FelineGuitars, Mr @ThorpyFX and Mr @RiftAmps demonstrating what can happen to your sound when you get the maker of incredible guitars, the maker of clever pedals and the maker of tasty amps together in a signal chain.  That's subtitled "why you can buy all the gear you ever need  from theFB members".

I'll be launching our annual Guitar Show prize raffle, thanks to the annual generosity of some other of our business members - Mr @Guitars4You and SCRelics (aka Mr @lonestar).

I'll also have some giveaways on the stand for any of our members who drop by - and if you do drop by and pick up one of the freebies, you'll be able to help us raise our profile even more around the exhibition hall  

There will also be some special theFB "thank you" gifts for anyone who comes along wearing a theFB t-shirt.  That's visibly wearing it, not wearing it under 3 layers of other clothing.

So, who's coming?
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