tFB south eastern jam session at Powerhouse Studios, Weybridge on Sat 25th May 2024 12-5pm.

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I've really enjoyed being part of the Bristol jams. Would be great to get another jam session going in the Woking/HW/Reading area. 

If you are interested let me know?! 

2 rooms (large and small) have been booked at Powerhouse Studios, Weybridge from 12noon-5pm. Full drum kit, PA and microphones included.

Confirmed attendance from - 

@TeleKinesis ;;
@mrkb ;;
@Jonathangus ;;
@lovestrat74 ;;
@TheMarlin ;;
@allen ;;
@sev112 ;;
@soma1975 ;;
@grappagreen ;;
@Lebarque ;;
@cathodyne ;;
@oeljadi ;;
@Neilybob ;;

Total sweet 14

Lets make some noise!!!
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